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The simplest solution for staying connected abroad.


Best Coverage in each country

Enjoy reliable connectivity. Our SIM cards work seamlessly where you land, keeping you connected wherever your travels take you.

Data plans

Access the internet, use your favorite apps, and share your travel adventures with our affordable and flexible data plans. Stay connected without worrying about excessive roaming charges.

Prepaid and rechargeable

Our SIM cards are prepaid and easily rechargeable, providing you with the convenience and control to manage your usage. Top up your balance effortlessly whenever you need it.
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Why My SIM Cards Travel?

Because we are the ultimate solution for staying connected while traveling abroad. We understand the importance of seamless communication and uninterrupted access to the internet. Our travel SIM cards provide hassle-free connectivity, empowering you to explore the world without missing a beat. We are EASY to buy, RELIABLE and with a GREAT customer service.
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How do I activate my SIM card?

Few clicks to be done.
Select the country you are traveling or have just landed in. Introduce your email. Checkout and activate your SIM card.
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My Sim Cards Travel made my trip sooo much easier! The SIM card worked perfctly in Costa Rica, and the data plans were affordable. Highly recommended!
Sara Peinado
Visited Costa Rica
It surpassed my expections! Eventhough Costa RIca has few issues with the connection, this one was pretty good and better than other friends´that got from other companies as Kolby. The process to get it was very easy.
Visited Costa Rica
I am so grateful I found My Sim Cards Travel and got it since I landed. The SIM card saved me from astronomical roaming charges and could order Uber from the airport that is much more reliable and cheaper that taxis. Plus, the custmer service by whatsapp was top-notch and always prompt in answering my questions.
Manuel Álvarez
Visited Costa Rica
What our customers say about us


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iPhone user? Text us to give you more options 🇨🇷